Sculpture for Health-care

Shiva Project

It is well established that engaging in artistic activities can significantly help people to recover their autonomy after a broad range of traumas, as well as helping children with physical disabilities to express themselves, encouraging autonomous development. However, there are difficulties attached to using  a material that can be sculpted, such as clay, in a medical environment, whether it is being used to help people with disabilities, or for the rehabilitation process.

The problems which could arise in this situation are significant  and numerous, including hygiene issues, the problem of maintaining a clean environment, as well as allowing for the physical accessibility for people with potentially restricted movement, which all ideally require a dedicated space.

The SHIVA Project aims to use ICT-based technologies to extend the access to such artistic tools, within a fully protected environment, for a particularly vulnerable group of people.

We are hoping to address the needs of two sections of the population: the first is people in rehabilitation, for a variety of reasons, and the second is children with disabilities (physical handicaps, learning disabilities).